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Moving places is never going to be easy unless you start planning for the move well ahead of the moving date. You first need to decide whether you want to avail a basic moving service for transportation and handle the packing and loading yourself or would like to go for the comprehensive full moving services where the movers take the responsibility of packing, loading and unloading your things along with transportation. You can save expenses on the basic move while you can be stress free and enjoy your move with the full moving package though  a bit expensive compared to the former. If you have no experience of packing things and loading them into the vehicle it is advisable that you go in for the full moving services as it is not easy to pack things safely and also load them as it takes lots of time and efforts to complete the job. Moreover, the movers are not responsible for any damage in case of basic moving services as everything is packed by yourself.

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Based on the moving services chosen the household moving estimate can be requested from the professional movers before finalizing one for your move. Along with the moving package chosen the moving services also take quite a few more things into consideration before they offer you the household moving cost estimate. The moving estimate is prepared based on your moving size and the distance of travel. Though many movers try to give you an estimate over the phone based on your home size, whether two bedroom, single bedroom, three bedroom, etc. it is always better to shortlist only those movers who take the time to visit your home and check your belongings before giving their household moving estimate. This is important because irrespective of your home size if you have minimum furniture and other belongings an accurate estimate would be appropriate to save on additional expenses.
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You should also tell the moving company estimator regarding the items that you would like to take to your next home and those that you would like to leave behind. This helps in getting the an accurate household moving cost estimate cutting down unnecessary costs. Alogn with the moving estimate you should also take into consideration whether the company offers a binding estimate with no other hidden charges and also their reputation and reliability in the industry to assign your moving job.